RB Weekend Preview: 12/13-12/15

Regent Street Xmas Lights

Ok so while I had the fleeting thought of writing this whole intro in bad band puns to the tune of “Deck The Halls” (oh yeah, it’s possible), I’m sparing you all. Regardless, the sweater parties, holiday parties, and belated Chrismukkah parties all abound – the season is in full swing. So snap yourself from the clenches of L.A.’s recent cold streak, don those mittens and scarves and face those down-right glacial 62 degree evenings with music that warms the soul. Here’s a look at what this weekend has to offer.


Jagwar Ma @ El Rey Theater


Jagwar Ma is the project of Australians Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield  (the name come from some amalgamation of actual jaguars and Ma’s name). They deliver a brand of baroque, electro-pop that trades on wafting, psychedelic vocals and vibrant club beats. It is a machination that might sound something like the British Invasion spinning at the Avalon. Jagwar Ma caught the public’s attention with their most accessible track, “Come Save Me ”but make a lasting impact  when they’re left to their tinkering to deliver kaleidoscopic tracks of pure escapism.

Also on Friday:

Dawes @ The Wiltern

Parade of Lights @ Troubadour


Deap Vally @ The Bootleg Theater

2013 might as well be known as the year of the bad-ass-lady-band. Haim, Bleached, and Deap Vally – each grabbed the Los Angeles music scene until it said “thank you” and begged for more. The kind of artist that Miley Cyrus tries so hard to convince the world she is, Deap Vally simply are. With a summer spent supporting Queens of the Stone Age and anthemic tracks like “Bad for My Body” and “Gonna Make My Own Money” its clear Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are calling their own shots. On Saturday night, Troy and Edwards will be out front where they belong headlining the perfectly-ironic former 1930s bra factory also known as The Bootleg.

Also on Saturday:

Cate Le Bon @ The Bootleg bar

Bleached @ The Glass House


 Amanda Palmer @ The Echo

On a quirkiness scale of 1-100, punk-cabaret piano virtuoso Amanda Palmer is a left of Regina Spektor. With Palmer at full-hilt, Sunday night’s showing of performance art at The Echo is sure to be the most eventful Sunday night you’ve had in a while. Palmer, DJ Diabtetic (aka Shepard Fairey) and filmmaker Ondi Timoner will all take to the stage to ‘disrupt’  the concept of art as we know it.

Also on Sunday:

The Peach Kings @ The Bootleg

Jeff Tweedy @ Largo



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