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Rabbits Black is journeying to Lollapalooza in Chicago this year to catch what is sure to be one of the best music festivals in the world this year.  We’ve made this trek many times and we’ve been scouring the lineup for months now to find the hidden gems and the must-see acts of Lollapalooza 2013.  We won’t keep what we found a secret because we think we are on to something pretty awesome here.  Check out our preview of Friday’s lineup and follow along as we map out exactly where you need to be during every hour of the day on Friday!

It’s high noon on the first day of Lollapalooza and you are going to be heading to the Lake Shore stage for quite awhile.  Starting at 12:15 PM with Robert DeLong, your day gets going with the LA-based artist who has been steadily gaining momentum since the release of his album, Global Concepts. In just over a year, the solo artist known for his intricate loops and catchy dance beats went from a Constellation Room (Santa Ana) residency to hitting the major festival circuit (Coachella, Sasquatch, Make Music, Governor’s Ball, and Ultra, to name a few). DeLong has been featured on BBC Radio 1’s artists to watch and stands to be the best early-bill act at Lolla.

After Robert, we have some filler time to make up for.  Grab a beer and some lunch and stick around for Icona Pop at 1:45 PM.  Although Icona Pop’s repertoire is decent at best, “I Love It” is this year’s party song.  Put it on.  Have a blast.  Love it, and don’t care.  This set is worth checking out just for the major dance party “I Love It” promises.

Stay put for the 3:15 PM show with Father John Misty at Lake Shore.  J. Tillman, former Fleet Foxes drummer, brings a soulful (and likely drug-induced) performance strong enough to fill a hall. Drummers aren’t typically thought to be the best front men, but J. Tillman knows how to woo an audience with the combo of Father John Misty’s music and his on-stage antics.

At 4:15 PM the Chicago sun will still be out and it’s going to still be humid, but the party is about to get really serious.  It’s early in the day, so some of the amazing Crystal Castles light show will be lost at the Red Bull Sound Select, but you are not going to miss the Toronto based two piece and their rock-rave antics.  Alice Glass, lead singer of the band, is known for death defying stunts on stage.  Sometimes that involves climbing speaker rigging and sometimes that involves bloody stage diving into the crowd.  No matter what occurs, Crystal Castles shouldn’t be missed.

crystal castles lollapalooza 2013 preview

Crystal Castles ~ Red Bull Sound Select ~ 4:15 PM

After Crystal Castles, you have 30 minutes to make it to Perry’s Stage where Modestep comes on at 5:45 PM.  The UK electronic rockers are a different breed compared to Crystal Castles, but they’ll keep you dancing just as much.  There’s a drum and bass and almost dubstep feel to their music, but the vocal additions of singer Josh Friend coupled with a live drummer and guitarist makes them unique to Perry’s stage.  This is a true blend of today’s electronic dance music and hard rock.  Watch for the break down during “Sunlight”- it’s sure to be one of the best you’ll see and feel during Lollapalooza 2013.  The band has no other US dates scheduled besides Lollapalooza.  Don’t miss it.  Well at least the first half of the set, because you’ll be catching Queens of the Stone Age at 6:15 PM on the Bud Light Stage.

With the release of their sixth studio album …Like Clockwork, Queens of the Stone Age have entered a new level of rockstardom.  The band is selling out amphitheaters on this upcoming tour- something that Joshua Homme’s band couldn’t do only a few years ago.  The hype has finally met it’s match- Queens of the Stone Age are one of rock n’ rolls biggest bands and they are taking over the Bud Light stage at 6:15 PM.  With an hour and fifteen minutes scheduled, the boys are receiving ample stage time at Lollapalooza.  Look for Josh and the crew to keep it fast paced and dirty.

queens of the stone age wiltern tickets show

Queens of the Stone Age ~ Bud Light Stage ~ 6:15 PM

Remember how you got from Perry’s Stage to the Bud Light stage?  Good, because you need to book it back there for Flux Pavilion who will be thirty minutes into their set by the time Queens is done.  They go on at 7:00 PM but play to 8:15.  That should be enough time to catch the English dubstep producer and DJ in full force.  With a set that will include hits such as “Daydreamer” and “Bass Canon”.  You are going to have to leave early though, because back at the Bud Light stage things are about to get crazy.

Nine Inch Nails make their return to the US after five years of Trent Reznor side projects at 8:15 PM at Lollapalooza’s Bud Light Stage.  Let me say that one more time, this is the US debut of the new Nine Inch Nails- you can’t miss this one.  Trent and the old gang performed at Lollapalooza in 2008 with their “Lights In The Sky” stage show.  That mesmerizing stage show was just a warm-up up for what Trent is promising with the “Tension” tour and production.  With the skyline of Chicago behind the band, Nine Inch Nails promises to be one of the must-see acts of Lollapalooza 2013.

nine inch nails lollapalooza preview tension 2013

Nine Inch Nails ~ Bud Light Stage ~ 8:15 PM

Rabbits Black Friday Schedule

12:15 PM: Robert DeLong ~ Lake Shore
1:45 PM: Icona Pop ~ Lake Shore
3:15 PM: Father John Misty ~ Lake Shore
4:15 PM: Crystal Castles ~ Red Bull Sound Select
5:45 PM: Modestep ~ Perry’s
6:15 PM: Queens of the Stone Age ~ Bud Light
7:45 PM: Flux Pavillion ~ Perry’s
8:15 PM: Nine Inch Nails ~ Bud Light


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How about The Killers? Is not fair The Killers and NIN at the same hour!

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