Oh shit, it’s here again.  There’s no way you prepared properly for Valentine’s Day 2014 in Los Angeles.  Trust us, you may think you did, but you didn’t.  First, traffic is going to suck on Friday all over Los Angeles.  Every single dude and chick that works in LA is going to leave work between 4 and 5 PM trying to make it to their 7 PM dinner reservation.  That means you won’t be going anywhere on the 10 or 405.  Might as well walk home!  Oh ya, you are going to miss your 7 PM dinner reservation and even though she said she doesn’t want you to get flowers this year, she really does.  And even though he told you he’s totally cool with just staying in on Friday night and watching a movie, he really wants to go out and go to a show.  So grab some flowers on Thursday and some good tunes for your ride home on Friday.  Don’t stress out and try to find yourself at one of these shows on Friday night.  They’re exactly what you should be doing to celebrate love with your musical partner of choice.

#1: Eagles of Death Metal @ The Viper Room

Simply put, the best damn show on Valentine’s Day night!  Jesse Hughes has been touring as the slimmed down Boots Electric for the past few years, but now it’s finally time for the real show- Eagles of Death Metal!  As charismatic as Jesse is, you really need the whole crew of the Eagles of Death Metal to make those songs fly.  And fly once again they will!  The Viper Room is already one of our favorite venues west of Hollywood, and on Valentine’s Day it’s our favorite venue to be at!  Josh Homme recently announced that the band is working on new material and he’s a part of it, so expect some new tracks to make their live debut.  The Eagles of Death Metal have some shows booked after this one, but that’s on the other side of the world in Australia.  This show is sold out (blame the Viper Room for wondering out loud on their Facebook if Josh Homme would be joining the band for this) so it’s going to be tough pickings getting in.  But if you have a golden ticket to this show you already got lucky on Valentine’s Day!

#2: Oliver @ Create Nightclub

Want to hit the dance floor on V-Day?  We don’t mean ballroom dancing dude, we mean hard hitting and funky EDM dancing!  Friday is going to be a big night for DJs with a ton of talent in LA that night.  If we had to pick one though, our heart is with Oliver.  The DJ duo of U-Tern and Oligee got together in LA and hooked up to make what they call a mash up of “relentlessly groovy R&B, boombox worthy hip-hop, and soaring electropop hooks”.  Well consider us fans!  Oliver are coming to Create Nightclub on Friday night and you won’t break the bank partying with these guys.  $20 gets you in to dance!


#3: Tijuana Panthers @ Glasshouse Pomona

Pop rocking fun with the Tijuana Panthers on Valentine’s Day… and you don’t even have to go to Mexico for it.  Pomona hosts the Tijuana Panthers for a $12 show that will make you smile and feel like champ.  Stop by the bar next to the Glasshouse to get some drinks beforehand and make a night out of it.  And if you are a “Redheaded Girl” there’s a good chance you will even get a shout out at the show on Valentine’s Day of all things.  Sounds like a Vine waiting to happen!

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