Put your paper 3D glasses to work with Jane’s Addiction 3D concert

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3D is everywhere these days, and it was also on the LG Thrill phones handed out to a few lucky concert goers in New York City a few weeks ago.  The concert goers got to experience Jane’s Addiction at Terminal 5 while they shot their own 3D footage using the LG Thrill phones.  The edited footage is now available on You Tube, along with HD quality non-3D footage too.  All the links are after the jump.Our guest reviewer Revlon traveled to New York City to catch the show.  We knew when we sent him he would have an interesting take on the show, and as someone with various music tastes, let’s just say he came away a Jane’s Addiction fan foremost.  Now we finally get to see some of that 3D footage and what all the hype was about.  Revlon wasn’t sporting one of the LG Thrill’s, but a few of his constituents were, and from the look of the footage it turned out pretty good.  Most importantly though, Jane’s turned out a great performance with a balloon-drop rendition of “Jane Says” that left him speechless.

The 3D footage still has some technical hurdles to get over, but the ability to shoot and record in 3D is pretty cool alone.  We like the HD videos best, but it’s fun enough to see some 3D Perry Farrell action coming your way.  An IMAX 3D experience with a band we actually care about sounds rad.  Let’s hope it happens soon.  You can see the full 3D concert right here:

And finally, from the band themselves, we get a quick glimpse of Jane’s through the years and their three studio album.  Only three studio albums, with two of them being classics- that still amazes me.  With all of the promotion already going on, the new Jane’s release is going to be huge this fall.  Get excited, because it’s pretty clear the band is ready to be back on stages all over the world.

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