Psycho De Mayo Contest: Over $1,500 of swag and two festival passes buried in the desert for you to find

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With less than two weeks to go until Psycho De Mayo, the second coming of the all-day music festival in Orange County, things are getting a little crazy with festival organizers Thief Presents and us here at Rabbits Black.  We got big things planned for the festival this year, and that doesn’t even include the twenty bands coming from all over the world to perform.  When things start to get crazy, our minds start to work in funny ways.  Here’s a good example of what we mean…

Last week Thief trekked out to the desert with an army-grade duffel bag in hand.  They took some winding trails and some paths less traveled, but finally found the right plot of land.  You wouldn’t know it was there unless you knew where to look and what you were looking for, but hidden at that spot is that duffel bag.  In that bag is the swag of the first ever Psycho De Mayo Treasure Hunt.  What does that include?  Over $1,500 worth of gear and tunes from OBEY Clothing, Active Ride Shop, Riding Easy Records, Bio-Lite, and two all access passes to Psycho De Mayo 2014.  No joke, check it out:



It’s all buried in the desert not too far away from LA, and in the next few days that’s going to be the last two tickets to Psycho De Mayo available!  To unlock the GPS coordinates and a map to the treasure, all you need to do is share the photo above on Facebook or Instagram.  Include these hashtags:


We’ll send valuable clues to the location of the treasure to some of you who share the photo with those hashtags.  Check back here on Thursday, May 8th at 10 AM.  The first thing you see on at 10 AM will be the map and GPS coordinates to that duffel bag with contents worth over $1,500.  It’s as simple as that.  Share away, we’ll release the coordinates once you do.

It’s getting down to the wire…less than 200 tickets are still available for Psycho De Mayo on May 11th.  Only ten spots remain on the Psycho School Bus with Dead Meadow.  You can still grab tickets to the PDM Pre-Party with A Place To Bury Strangers on May 10th, their only performance on the West Coast.

Tickets: Psycho De Mayo ~ May 11th @ The Observatory

Tickets: Psycho School Bus w/ Dead Meadow ~ $25 round trip transportation to the festival

Tickets: Psycho De Mayo Pre-Party w/ A Place To Bury Strangers, Cold Showers, Electric Flower Group ~ May 10th @ The Observatory



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