Highlighted in part eight of our Outside Lands primer series, Modesto’s own, Grandaddy, are set to reunite under the Golden Gate sun. There are many reasons to bear witness to the replay and one should be mindful of all the forces at work that promise to make this an extremely dynamic show.

Lets look at the facts:

In 1997, Grandaddy burst onto the scene (after successfully compiling their own recordings at home) with Under the Western Freeway released on Will Records (Seattle). The band’s debut featured a punk edge and unique recording style that likely taught Bon Iver a thing or two. The track “A.M. 180” is featured below and its display on an outdoor festival stage is easily seen.

In 2000, Jason Lytle transposed their second album, the critically acclaimed and generously accepted Sophtware Slump. Grandaddy avoided the sophomore slump and earned the band comparisons to Radiohead and an opening slot for Coldplay’s Parachutes tour in 2001. This album was a bit slower and drawn out, leaning a little more on electronic sustain. These albums would go on to sell nearly 250,000 copies combined to date.

To save you the history lesson: Grandaddy went on to release two more albums, each stepping down a point or two in acclaim from the previous, until their public break up and nearly non-existant tour to support their final album, Just Like the Fambly Cat.

It’s been a while for Grandaddy, and there’s no reason for the band not to play their hearts out and enjoy every minute of it.

Why should you be excited to see Grandaddy?

According to many acclaimed reviews, this band has been extremely undervalued. I have to admit, I had not heard of them until after their breakup. Upon leafing through their library, I quickly saw how they would do well in this scenario.  With many fans citing bands like Radiohead, Pavement, and the Flaming Lips as gateways to finding them, it’s going to be easy to convince a friend to walk over to their set at Outside Lands with you.

The strongest reasons Grandaddy will be successful: Local shows are always, always, always better…and this is a reunion/homecoming for Grandaddy. Like many of their forebearer’s recently, Grandaddy has elected to reissue their material: Sophtware Slump as a duel deluxe pack and their first three albums on vinyl. People snatched them up, and many of the reissues sold out before Grandaddy announced any live dates. How’s that for hype?

Keep your eye out for songs like “He’s simple, He’s dumb, He’s the pilot”, which will do very well with the natural bird calls of Golden Gate Park if/when they go for it. Toooooo cool.

“AM 180” This song was feature in the movie 28 Days Later. Enjoy.

“Crystal Lake” – their most sought out song to date.

Shows are better with friends.
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