Outside Lands Preview – Spoiler Alert

It’s Outside Lands Week here at Rabbits Black! To kick it off, Rabbits Black has a sneak peek of what you can expect from performers comedian Chris Hardwick [Nerdist.com, the Talking Dead], comedian David Cross [Arrested Development, Bigger and Blackerer], and drummer Lars Ulrich [Metallica], as Golden Gate Park’s Ranger Dave prepares for his annual party.

As many of you are aware, Outside Lands booking agents have become extremely skilled at choosing acts that will have great success over the next year. With many acts putting new material out shortly after the festival, Ranger Dave always gives a fulfilling taste of what’s ahead in music trends. Heavy hitting comedians Neil Patrick Harris, David Cross, and Chris Hardwick will pack a lot of suprises into the Barbary tent. But perhaps more surprising will be what Metallica showcases to try to draw and retain the usually indie-centrick Outside Lands crowd.

What you need to know to be ahead of the curve:

For those of you who don’t know Chris Hardwick, he brings something sweet to the usually music-focused festival this year. Hardwick carries a vast experience in different media forms from KROQ Radio in LA, to Nerdist podcasts, to “The Talking Dead”, a show that allows audience members to participate by phone, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. He will provide a great comedy show and audience engagement through fellow nerdist.com podcast friends outside the comedy tent.

David Cross to Perform at Outside Lands
Don’t expect David Cross to get Funke during his stand-up performance at Outside Lands

Incase you didn’t know, David Cross will be doing stand-up comedy. Don’t hold your breath for “Arrested Development” bits, as Cross doesn’t know anything about the cult show. If you are unfamiliar with his stand-up act, he is self-described as “funnier than Norah Jones, but not quite as funny as Skrillex; somewhere in between the two”. With “no knowledge” of anything Arrested Development, Cross can focus his act on his usually crude humor that makes you confront otherwise uncomfortable socially-poignant topics with laughter. When he’s not on stage in the Barbary, Cross said he will be on stand by to back up Skrillex in the event Sonny Moore’s iPod stops working.

Unfortunately, though, the Barbary only seats 450 people, which will allow less than 1% of concert goer’s to participate. Pretty dissapointing, we know, but at least Cross and Hardwick have hinted at the possibility of introducing acts and additional podcasts. Get there quick! But whom they might introduce is unpredictable. Last year, Dave Chapelle came out on stage to fill in time when Big Boi infamously missed his set time. Maybe we can get some bonus laughs in the event Big Boi pulls a repeat.

In a year that has surprising headliners to say the least, Marin’s own Metallica will attempt to draw the Outside Lands crowd to the Main Stage on Saturday by bringing “the Snake Pit” to Speedway Meadow! “The Snake Pit” will accomodate fans from all around, giving Outside Lands attendees the opportunity to view Metallica from any angle on a 360 degree viewing plane. Of course, about 270 degrees of that will be people confused and disappointed they are at a Metallica concert. Metallica naysayers proceed with caution, as the band may just surprise you.

Metallica will bring The Snake Pit to Outside Lands
Metallica’s Snake Pit will offer Outside Lands fans the chance to grab a 360 degree view of the band.

If Lars Ulrich’s excitement about Outside Lands is any indication of the rest of Metallica’s, the quartet could pull a huge surprise and entertain festival-goers with sheer enthusiasm. And rightfully so; Outside Lands is about the only festival in the world Metallica hasn’t played and stands as the largest opportunity they might have to rock on their home turf. Givum Fuel Givum Fire Givum Thatwhichtheydesire OOUGH! Even if you’re not a fan, there’s something to be said about the energy that can make a show when a band plays in their hometown.

It’s that time of year again! Ranger Dave is busy at work these last few days to prepare you for Outside Lands. We at Rabbits Black will do the same so you know who you can and can’t miss this year.

Get Excited!

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  1. Steph

    Pretty dumb write up about the snake pit. Only clubbers can get tickets, so 270 degrees will be other awesome fans cherishing every moment of the pit.


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