Non Sonoio is the name given to Alessandro Cortini’s fantastic remix albums of Sonoio material.  Alessandro is one of the nicest and most talented guys in the business, and because of this he always brings along an all-star cast for the remix albums.  Non Sonoio RED continues that tradition with the likes of remixes by Daniel Myer, Eric Avery, Drumcell, and Telefon Tel Aviv.  As always, Alessandro makes getting his music as easy as possible.  You can download the 10 song remix album for FREE right now, or spend $8 and get a 7in Vinyl of the single “Scientist” with a high quality digital download of the whole album.  Go get it!

Simply plug in your e-mail address below, and you are on your way to getting Non Sonoio RED for FREE!  We highly suggest checking out the other packages as well.  The packages can be found here, and offer a unique value add for as little money as possible.  We went with the 7in Vinyl as our collector’s item of choice.  At only $8, it’s a steal and comes with a high quality download of the album.  Have fun, and tell us what you think of the second remix album from Sonoio below.


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