Can’t wait for Nine Inch Nail’s new EP, ADD VIOLENCE, to drop tomorrow, July 21st? Never fear, the band has released a tantalizing music video for “THIS ISN’T THE PLACE” to hold you over until then. Enjoy in it’s 4K glory:

Opening on a button that allows you to “Amplify Chaos” with plaintive piano reminiscent of the refrains that echoed all throughout Year Zero slowly building, the video is rife with details to excite your inner anarchist – the shot widens to show a control panel with buttons and switches that allow you to “Amplify Chaos”, manipulate levels of “Submission”, “Disrupt” “Morale”, and “Self Destruct.”

As the shot continues to zoom out, a pamphlet for a fictional medication appears. The drug company, Cedocore, is also fictional, but a little Google fu (I won’t spoil the discovery) begs the exciting question – are we in for another alternate reality game à la Year Zero?

Time will tell.

If you’re in Los Angeles this weekend attending FYF, don’t miss Nine Inch Nails performing on Sunday night.

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