Nine Inch Nails announce official return and new lineup with summer 2013 shows scheduled

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Nine Inch Nails is officially back!  It’s been four years since Trent and company “Waved Goodbye” on the final Nine Inch Nails tour.  We were at the last four shows ever for that incarnation of NIN- four epic September nights in Los Angeles in 2009.  Even though the lights closed on that version of the band, fans had a burning sense that somehow Nine Inch Nails would be revived… someday.  Someday is now and the live experience is just around the corner.  Check out the full announcement and a message from Trent.

We’ve been saying that this would happen for a few weeks now, and it looks like most of what has been speculated here and around the Nine Inch Nails community has been the confirmed.


Nine Inch Nails are touring this year.

I was working with Adrian Belew on some musical ideas, which led to some discussion on performing, which led to some beard-scratching, which (many steps later) led to the decision to re-think the idea of what Nine Inch Nails could be, and the idea of playing a show. Calls were made to some friends, lots of new ideas were discussed, and a show was booked – which led to another, which somehow led to a lot of shows.

The band is reinventing itself from scratch and will be comprised of Eric Avery, Adrian Belew, Alessandro Cortini, Josh Eustis, Ilan Rubin, and me. The first shows will begin this summer, followed by a full-on arena tour of the US this fall, and lots of other dates worldwide to follow through 2014.

Lots of details and dates to come. See you soon.


You read that right, Nine Inch Nails is going to be playing live again in just a few months!  The lineup is not too surprising, though the addition of Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv, Puscifer) was one that we did not see coming.  Eric Avery and Trent had been working together during the revival of Jane’s Addiction, so his inclusion seems like a logical fit.  Of course, we couldn’t be happier to see one of Rabbits Black’s favorites Alessandro Cortini returning to the lineup.  Adrian Belew has been trying his hardest not to spill the news over the past few months, but it’s still pretty awesome to see his name written down in the official lineup.  Ilan Rubin returns from the final tour on drums.  Is this all setting up for The Fragile live arena tour?  The fact that Trent stated that this originally was discussed as playing “a show” and not a full on tour makes it pretty clear that the initial idea was a one-off very special engagement.  It seems as if more discussion led them to feeling like they could make it a full on tour.  All signs still point to The Fragile.  So glad the world didn’t end back in December, that would have been a shame.


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