We have a quick round up of new Kasabian videos for all you LSFs out there.  The band’s latest music video was released this past weekend while we were at Coachella rocking and freaking out to their live show in the desert.  Kasabian played three shows in the Los Angeles area over the past week, and they were all phenomenal.  Last Call with Carson Daly was at the Fonda show that we reviewed grabbing some footage that they will air tonight.  All the details on where to see these videos (including a gem from last year you have to see) are after the jump.

Kasabian have been rolling out a ton of videos off of their excellent 2011 release Velociraptor!  The latest video for “Man Of Simple Pleasures” takes a different artistic approach by leaving the band completely out.  Check it out right here:

If you attended the Fonda Theater show last week in between their Coachella dates, you witnessed one of the best shows we’ve seen so far this year in Los Angeles.  The film crew for Last Call with Carson Daly was in the building that night, grabbing live footage that they are going to be showing tonight on the show.  Carson’s show received a huge makeover over three year ago, as the show has turned into a music-centric piece that has started highlighting some great local bands and the type of artists that usually would never have the chance to be on late night TV.  Check out the Fonda footage from Kasabian’s concert on Last Call tonight at 1:30 AM PST on NBC.

And finally, we have to admit that we were wrong this last September.  We gave the new Kasabian album Velociraptor! a 3 star review when it was released.  We still stand by what we said at that time, but after 6 months we have to admit that the album is much better than we initially reviewed it.  In fact, it’s an amazing collection that every music fan should pick up right this moment to experience.  Here’s a video we uncovered featuring Serge Pizzorno (lead guitar and songwriter) breaking down their latest album track by track.  Watch this video, appreciate the honesty seeping from Serge, and go back and listen to Velociraptor!

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    what was the name of the song played in the casron daly clip?


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