Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten launch the DJ duo New World Punx

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Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten have finally made it official- they are teaming up to create the on-stage persona New World Punx.  The past few years have seen more than a few special engagement opportunities with the Netherland’s superstar Ferry Corsten and the pride and joy of the U.S. scene Markus Schulz teaming up.  We covered their set together at Tao Beach last EDC weekend that ended up being better than any of the sets that actually occurred on the festival grounds.  There have also been collaborations between the two, culminating with the explosive reboot of “Loops & Tings” that has been crushing dance floors around the world for the past year.  New World Punx seemed like an inevitable result, and we couldn’t be happier to finally announce it officially!  Tour dates and tracks after the jump!

New World Punx derives from Ferry Corsten’s trance anthem, “Punk,” and Markus Schulz’s classic, “The New World.”  The duo is promising a sound that is “harder, more driving and more aggressive than the melodic, euphoric style of soaring trance”.  Did they just say bigger and louder Schulz tracks?  Corsten’s rhythm but on overdrive?  Lofty goals, but the duo has already proven that they can make this work.  The two have honed this sound during the last year in which three unique events occurred: Schulz and Corsten’s back-to-back set at Godskitchen in Birmingham in March 2012, leading to their first tag-team performance at the aforementioned Tao Beach set during EDC, and finally a massive 7-hour set at Echostage in Washington D.C.

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It’s safe to say that both artists are in this to have some ear-shattering fun.

So what should we expect from New World Punx (NWP)?  Their official live launch takes place this March in North America.  With Markus’ Scream Bus Tour rolling along this Spring, expect some more scattered NWP dates to start being announced.  Original tracks are already confirmed to be in the works, with some hitting ear buds and dance floors soon.  It’s hard to tell at this point how far the collaboration will go.  Both DJs have a busy Spring planned as solo artists, so it might be the Summer that truly witnesses the partnership take off in full force.  Will the next full release from the two be a joint effort?  There are many questions left, but there’s no doubt that combining two of the best in the industry under the promise of a more hard-hitting experience is something to be excited about.  We’ll let you know when we have California dates for NWP, but to be honest, what we are really hoping for is a set under the Las Vegas sun in June to commemorate the one year anniversary of their first ever live performance together.

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Tour Dates:

March 24th at Mansion in Miami, Florida

March 30th at Madison Square Garden in New York City

March 31st at Bal en Blanc in Montreal, Canada


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