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EVNTLIVE, the online concert venue that’s been making a name for itself over the past year, is bringing Moby straight to you.  Moby is currently in Los Angeles for a three show run at the Fonda Theatre.  Each show has been a little different with Moby performing an opening set featuring tracks from his new album Innocents followed by a greatest hits set.  If you are a fan of the iconic electronic and pop music star, these shows are career defining moments of live performance.  It seems like the Fonda has been getting these special shows consistently over the past few years with the Tom Petty run this past summer and these Moby special events.  If you can’t make it to the legendary Fonda tomorrow night, no problem.   EVNTLIVE is providing a free live stream of the show online.

The show will feature performances by special guests, including Skylar Grey, Cold Specs, Damien Jurado and Ingyang Bassey.  Mark Lanegan joins the foray as part of the list of guest musicians on Innocents and he’ll be performing live tomorrow night as well.  Playing in LA has its perks and being able to get all of these musicians on stage at the same venue is one of them.  There will be more surprises throughout the night, and you can catch them all from wherever you like thanks to EVNTLIVE.  Simply click the link below to reserve your free online ticket and join the party this Friday at 8:30 PM PDT.

Moby @ Fonda Theatre ~ Friday, October 4th @ 8:30 PM PDT

EVNTLIVE Free Online Stream Ticket

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