Live Review: Wavves @ The Troubadour 9/17

So this is what happens when Wavves comes into LA and plays a free all-ages concert on a non school night! Nathan Williams’ surf-punk-rock band played a charity show at the Troubadour Saturday night with opener Abe Vigoda hosted by Eventbrite.

In typical Wavves fashion the concert went flawlessly … until it didn’t. Williams raised the energy level early with “King of the Beach” and worked his way through much of the band’s latest album, also titled King of the Beach.

A few members of the young crowd (did i mention it was an all ages show?) then got on Williams’ bad side, which is when the show really began. A small fight broke out and Williams tried to help out a fan by telling security to ease up, but when the fan yelled something disrespectful back to the volatile singer he turned on the fan. This same theme would continue throughout the set and culminate at the end of the show when Williams jumped into the crowd following a few crowd surfers during the final song of the set. Some young fans got aggressive and when Williams was finally pulled from the crowd he angrily smashed his guitar on the stage and tossed the fret board into the crowd before walking off stage mid song.

It was a great show!

Wavves music was fun as always but it’s Williams’ presence and antics that makes a Wavves show so much fun. That’s about a good of a free all ages show that you’ll ever see. Wavves music is often classified as surf rock, and this is accurate in many respects, but Nathan Williams’ live performances are very punk rock. It didn’t help that the Troubador also had problems with their monitors and speakers all night that created a droning buzz and microphone feedback all night.

You never know what you’re going to get at a Wavves concert, and that’s part of the fun. Saturday night was basically high school night at the Troubadour, but Wavves came to play. On this night the show was definitely worth the price of admission (free!).

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