Live Review: Sean Flinn and the Royal We @ Amnesia 6/29

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Guest review by Ali

Sean Flinn and the Royal We played to an intimate crowd on June 29 at Amnesia. Tucked away in the heart of the Mission, the red-lit bar created the perfect atmosphere for the show. The Portland-based songwriter and guitar player, Sean Flinn, combined with the amazing instrumentals of The Royal We creates a musically memorable experience.

To be honest, you won’t find this type of music under my Top 25 Most Played list on iTunes, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Rad Cloud and Assateague opened for the band and set the mood for a night of folk-rock music. The delicate use of various instruments such as guitar, drums, harmonica and clave combined with Flinn’s voice create simple, yet pretty songs. Sean Flinn and the Royal We touch various genres of music creating a very indie-folk sound. To put it in more mainstream terms, the group sounds like Mumford and Sons meets OAR.

Going into the show, I was not too familiar with the band; but by the end, I was swaying along to the beat with the rest of the fans in attendance. Their use of instruments combined with Flinn’s honest yet simple lyrics to create a very balanced sound. Most songs the band played were from their first full length album, Write Me A Novel. “Sophia” was a highlight from the night because of the strong combination of the harmonica and drums. The mix of instruments really adds to the soft beauty of the song. Other crowd favorites were “Broken Arrow” and “Patient Heart”, which the band just released a video for.

If you’re looking for some nice, chill music, Sean Flinn and the Royal We is for you. To put it simply, their pleasantly smooth sound is charming.

The band’s album is available for purchase through bandcamp. To learn more about Sean Flinn and the Royal We, check out the group’s Facebook and official website.


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