Live Review: Night Horse & Lecherous Gaze @ The Echo 1/9

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Night Horse hasn’t played live in over a year and a half.  Maybe it was the pressure of being selected as our Best Live Show of 2011 that got to them, or maybe it was just time for a little break.  Whatever the reason was, the band left a huge void in the Silverlake & Echo Park hard-rock scene that grew to love the band over the years.  Opening for Rival Sons, Night Horse played to a packed house at The Echo.  Not everyone there seemed to “get it” when Night Horse was on stage, especially following a fast-paced set from the awesome yet slightly disturbing Lecherous Gaze.
But who gives a fuck- Night Horse played live and that’s all that matters.

Lecherous Gaze is one of those opening bands that you just come to love the shit out of.  The band rips live, and they have fun doing it.  The Oakland four piece is led by original guitarist Graham Clise.  They played their take on Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” that simultaneously got some people head-banging and others freaked out.  Ya, it was that awesome.

Night Horse took the stage shortly after that, and from the beginning the smiles were out in full force.  Bathed in a sea of dark red light, Sam James Velde took to the mic for the first time in over 18 months as the frontman of Night Horse.  He couldn’t help but smile after the first song even though he had to cue the light guy to actually turn the lights on for their set.  The band powered through tracks from their albums The Dark Won’t Hide You and Perdition Hymns, reminding fans why “Shine On Me” is the best live song in the bands repertoire.  “Angels Eyes”, “Wicked Love” and “Confess To Me” all made the set-list that night as well.  Guitarist Greg Buensuceso was practically grinning the whole time as he looked back to see Justin Miller and Nick D’Itri head-banging away, Jamie Miller pounding on the drums, and Sam with his back on the floor singing into the mic.  If you are a Night Horse fan in attendance, it was impossible to not crack a smile and enjoy this.

After the show it was all hugs and high-fives as friends gathered near the merch booth to congratulate the band.  The crowd at The Echo that night pretty much sucked, but for the fans that appreciated the reunion that just happened, it was a party that they had been waiting for over a year to attend again.


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