Jesse Hughes of The Eagles of Death Metal performs at The Viper Room on Valentine’s Day.

Welcome back Eagles of Death Metal.  It’s been awhile since the full Eagles of Death Metal lineup has played live together, and last night at The Viper Room that full lineup returned in a sweaty triumphant fashion.  Coming to the stage about 45 minutes after they were expected to headline The Viper Room on Valentine’s Day night, things didn’t get started with a bang.  Lead singer and the heart and soul of the Eagles of Death Metal, Jesse Hughes, has never been one for promptness.  The band is routinely running a little late and it’s been like that for many years now.  Maybe it’s that the guys are just having too much fun together before the show- it’s hard to find four musicians who seem to work so well on and off stage.  Regardless of the reason for the tardiness, it was a full house and then some on Valentine’s Day at The Viper Room and it was damn hot.  Taking the stage over an hour and fifteen minutes after the opening band, the crowd was looking around at each other with impatience, but the moment Jesse and his band of loveable musicians hit the stage, it was love all over again.

You see, the Eagles of Death Metal haven’t been on the same stage for quite some time, but Jesse Hughes has been touring around as Boots Electric for the past few years.  Without former Queens of the Stone Age drummer Joey Castillo and iconic members Brian O’Connor and Dave Catching, Boots Electric shows were missing electricity.  That’s why the full return of the Eagles of Death Metal lineup that fans have loved since 2008’s album Heart On was such a special show.   It sold out in less than a few hours after tickets were available.  So when Jesse took to the stage with Brian, Dave and Joey by his side, it was true love in the air.  This was the Eagles of Death Metal that fans love and adore.

Jesse Hughes and Brian O’Connor performing for a sold out Viper Room crowd.

Taking their time to go through their whole catalog, from the new hits “Cherry Cola” to the now classic “Already Died”, this was the real deal.  Jesse had an energy that both the fans and band could feel.  Multiple times throughout the night Jesse stopped to tell the fans that this was exactly what he needed in his life right now- “I need you so much tonight!”.  That love fest between the band and fans has always been the driving force of the Eagles of Death Metal.  They are adored and they have a ton of love to give back.  Dave Catching was seen multiple times looking out across the crowd grinning contently under his lengthy beard.  Brian O’Connor looked healthy and relaxed, the sign that the man kicked ass in his battle against cancer.  And Joey Castillo, oddly not the drummer for Queens of the Stone Age at the moment, was his usual beast self.  Rock n’ roll was back with these four.

Dave Catching of The Eagles of Death Metal.

Even though the world now knows by way of Josh Homme that there is a new Eagles album in the works, last night’s performance at The Viper Room wasn’t about trying out new material.  It was about making the fans dance and sweat in the packed venue to the songs they have loved for over ten years now.  “So Easy” had everyone singing and “Don’t Speak (I Came To Make A Bang)” had everyone dancing.  When the Eagles of Death Metal have their whole crew on stage and they are on, there’s not a more fun place to be for rock n’ roll on that night in any town on this globe.  Welcome back boys.

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