The Horrors are releasing a new LP on July 26th, and you can hear the first single, “Still Life”, now.  The single is a welcome throwback to late 80s dark-synth rock.  Don’t be surprised to find yourself dancing in the candlelight at 4 AM to this one.

The upcoming album titled Skying was self-produced by the band.  With a project like this, its always interesting to hear the sound that you get when the band has full control.  Will it be a good thing or bad thing for the British synth rockers?  We’ll have to wait until July to find that out.  For now, check out the track listing below and keep dancing in the shadows to “Still Life”.

Skying (July 26)

01 Changing the Rain
02 You Said
03 I Can See Through You
04 Endless Blue
05 Dive In
06 Still Life
07 Wild Eyed
08 Moving Further Away
09 Monica Gems
10 Oceans Burning

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