If that is a surprise to you, don’t worry, it surprised us too about a month ago when we first saw the “Switchblade Smiles” music video.  The UK band, who seems to be more adverse to playing shows in the States than any other British outfit, announced the album and release date for Velociraptor! back in early June- they just forgot to tell everyone over here!  Check out the music video in our “You Need To Know” player, and the album preview after the jump.  There are a few things that have our hopes and expectations unusually tempered for a new Kasabian release.  Dan the Automator.  He did so much right with Kasabian’s last album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum in 2009, that he was starting to grow on me.  It’s not like I don’t appreciate his work with the Gorillaz breakout album in 2001, it’s just that I never hoped on the “this is one of the best albums ever” train that came with it.  With West Ryder though, I started to believe.  While Dan the Automator likes to create a new and different sound with the artists he works with, he did it right with Kasabian.  It was a different sound for the band from their decent but not inspiring second LP Empire.  The sound changed, but it changed for the better.  So while different is a good thing, it’s not if it doesn’t sound good.

Enter Dredg and their latest album Chuckles and Mr. Squeezyone of the worst reviewed albums on Rabbits Black to date.  Dredg, the usually fantastic Northern California band, fell flat on their face with their latest album and Dan the Automator at the helm.  A band with all of the emotion in the world and an amazing drummer as well, somehow made one of the most boring albums of the year.  Now it’s not all the producer’s fault, but he’s right up there in front of the firing squad.  “Swithblade Smiles” is a decent track, but I’m a little worried about the change in sound from West Ryder already.  The band members have been quoted recently as saying Velociraptor! is their best album yet, and that they never want to make another West Ryder.  I have no problem with that, but when something was so good before, I just hope someone in the room remembers that a new formula is not always the best thing.  We’ll find out real soon what we got brewing from Kasabian on September 27th when Velociraptor! is released.

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