It’s not a big secret that Josh Homme and his wife Brody Dalle like the work of Nick Cave’s Grinderman project.  Cave’s newest band has gotten rave reviews from press and the rockstar couple as well.  That shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as Grinderman has an edge and eeriness to it that many of the Queens of the Stone Age projects have.  Listen to the song after the jump!

No one would be surprised to hear Cave’s distinct vocals on Dessert Sessions track in the future (that reminds me, Josh, can we get on that please!).  Well, looks like Josh spent some time to put his touch on Grinderman’s “Mickey Mouse”.  Check it out, and compare it to the original version.  While Josh’s remix wouldn’t fit into the structure of the album as a whole, I think it serves as a better stand alone version.  It’s creepy, a little sadistic, and pure rock n roll- everything that we know Josh to be.


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