Night Horse guitarist Greg Buensuceso talks about new album & SXSW

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Rabbits Black spoke with Night Horse guitarist Greg Buensuceso to talk about the band’s recent tour, future musical direction, and what it was like to rock South by Southwest!

Night Horse is an LA based rock band that burst onto the scene with their 2008 debut EP The Dark Won’t Hide You and recently released their follow-up album Perdition Hymns on Tee Pee Records. The rock and roll quintet is comprised of electric frontman Sam James Velde, guitarists Buensuceso and Justin Maranga, Bassist Nick D’Itri and drummer Jamie Miller.

After touring around Southern California to promote their new album, including several high octane shows in LA, Night Horse introduced themselves to the rest of the country with an out of control rock explosion at Headhunters at SXSW in Austin, TX.


That is the one word Buensuceso had to describe that seminal performance.

He then explained that although Night Horse played SXSW two years previously, that show was in a much larger venue so there was less of a connection with the crowd. If anything, Headhunters has no choice but to foster an intimate connection between band and crowd because, well, there is nothing to separate them. There is no stage, only a cordoned off area reminiscent of a house party living room. Heck, the bathroom upstairs even has a shower in it.

Buensuceso recounted some of his memories inside the eye of the storm at Headhunters: “There were hundred dollar bills on guitars and I remember Jamie on drums, just looking around with a huge smile on his face.” And both before and after the show everyone was just hanging out, band and fans alike.

Taking a step away from his own band, we asked him about his favorite SXSW shows: which included Rafael Saadiq’s day party for Filter Magazine and Menahan Street Band’s Thursday night show at Stubb’s.

For all of us looking forward to the next Night Horse concert in LA, we’ll have to wait a little longer as drummer Jamie Miller is currently in Europe touring with the band Trail of Dead. Meanwhile, the rest of the band is back at the drawing board working on songs for their next album.

So good news for Night Horse fans, even though you’ll have to wait for the live show you can take solace knowing that new music is underway. When asked about what we can expect from the new album, Buensuceso talked about a few of the band’s ideas: There will be several new collaborators, “kind of like Night Horse & Friends,” and they will experiment with several different blues covers.

Keep an eye out for new Night Horse songs. You can download their free 3-track EP here: Night Horse EP.


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