H4H Preview: Get to know Electric Flower

With only two shows under their belt, this Saturday you have the opportunity to witness the emergence of sonic chaos and harmony, that only playing music live can bring forth.  They may not have a long list of past concerts, but their past successes are of top notch pedigree.  The Secret Machines and Yeah Yeah Yeahs- heard of them?  So when Imaad Wasif and Josh Garza got together to record a 3 song EP, put it to vinyl under the name Electric Flower, and release it to the world, it’s no surprise that Rolling Stone Magazine immediately picked up on the release.  Good things are in store for this power duo, and tomorrow you get the chance to see why.

We went in depth with Imaad and Josh a few weeks ago in this exclusive interview.  It’s an essential read to understand where the band came from and get a sense of direction to where they are going.  Asked about their song writing process, this is what singer and guitarist Imaad Wasif had to say:

It’s not coming out of a free for all jam, we both have a vision that just creates itself.  We definitely have with this project, things we are both bringing to the table.  Me, in particular, having experimenting a lot with different tunings, and I always wanted to be in a rock band where I could explore these tunings.  With Josh I just figured it out, maybe a couple of weeks ago, the way he plays and something really particular to his sound as a drummer lends itself to being in a two piece band and feeling like there is nothing missing.  He’s creating a resonance that is actually filling up the space.

Electric Flower Rabbits Black band
Imaad Wasif and Josh Garza create a sonic wall of chaos and melody as Electric Flower.

That process can create some amazing song structures, and when two musicians fully trust each other, it just comes together.  That is more than evident in “Faces”, a beautifully building melody with Imaad’s introspective vocals rising above a soaring guitar line, that crescendos with Josh’s crashing drums syncing perfectly with the spectrum of vocals.

Electric Flower – Faces

The challenge of a two piece band is filling the room, whether that’s a recording studio or the music room at O’Briens tomorrow, with enough sound to honor the spirits of rock n roll that Electric Flower takes influence from.  The beauty of a two piece band is that their is a lot less bullshit to deal with.  Even with only a handful of shows to attest to, it seems Electric Flower has no problem overcoming those challenges and embracing that beauty, as Josh explains:

Bring ear plugs.  We play loud.  There are some rules in rock n’ roll, and that’s an important one.  We are trying to make sure we follow those rules.  At the Harvard and Stone show, there were two girls in the front plugging their ears- but they were smiling!  That’s who we play for.  Not the bartender or club manager in the back telling us to turn it down.  We play for the fans in the front smiling.

You’ve been warned.

You can listen to the full Electric Flower EP at their Soundcloud page.

Electric Flower performs at 4:45 PM, this Saturday at Home For The Holidays at O’Briens on Main St.  You can RSVP here for the show.

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