Exclusive Stream: Electric Flower – “Faces”

Today we have an exclusive stream for you.  Electric Flower, the latest in post-punk rock from Los Angeles, will be performing live tonight for the first time ever.  Their song “Four16” has been getting the hype for a few weeks, but we want to give you a different taste of the EP.  Hit the jump to learn about Electric Flower and take a stroll with the song “Faces”.

“Faces” is the second track from the 3 song debut EP from Electric Flower.  Hit play now- it’ll make a nice soundtrack for this little story.

Electric Flower – Faces

Imaad Wasif and Josh Garza met in London many years ago.  They were at BBC Studios to film separate performances.  Garza was drumming with Secret Machines and Wasif was currently a guest musician with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  They shared a brief and awkward moment in an elevator at the studios.  Stuck in between floors, the elevator stopped working and the two were forced to spend some time suspended in air.  Wasif, a little claustrophobic, and Garza the ever calming presence, decided to jam with the instruments they had to pass the time.  Random meeting number one.  Almost three years later, the two literally ran into each other on a street corner in Los Angeles- sending their lunches flying into the air.  Random meeting number 2.  As fate tempted the two again, they decided to record a song that day.  That song turned out to be “Circles”, track 3 on the EP.  Tonight, Electric Flower tempts fate once again as they put their music to the live test.  Be there- it’s free and it could be something very special.

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