The last time Buffalo hardcore rockers Every Time I Die put out an album it was one of our favorite LPs from that year.  2012’s Ex Lives was a viscous offering that threw hardcore, punk and even elements of 90s rock into a blender and spit out greatness.  Go back and check out “Indian Giver” from Ex Lives and you’ll see what we mean.  Every Time I Die (ETID) have made it a habit to churn out a new album every two years since their first album in 2001.  This year won’t be any different.  From Parts Unknown will be the seventh studio album from ETID and it’s coming on July 1st from Epitaph.  The first teaser from the new record is out in the form of a two minute video for the seemingly first single “Thirst”.  Check it out below along with the track listing for the new record.  We’ll have a full review of the album once we get our hands on it.

[display_video youtube=4wAqPzgfR1s]

Pre-order From Part Unknown here and stay tuned to Rabbits Black for more on the album and upcoming singles.

From Parts Unknown tracklisting:

  1. The Great Secret
  2. Pelican Of The Desert
  3. Decayin’ With The Boys
  4. Overstayer
  5. If There Is Room To Move, Things Move
  6. Moor
  7. Exometrium
  8. Thirst
  9. Old Light
  10. All Structures Are Unstable
  11. El Dorado
  12. Idiot

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