Eventbrite talks to Rabbits (An Interview)

Throwing a charity benefit show is not an easy thing to do.  You have to work with artists, their management teams, the specific charities, and the venues.  After working with all of these entities, you finally have the task of getting fans and hopeful charitable contributors to the show.  This past weekend, Eventbrite was able to put it all together for a series of 5 concerts in 5 different cities on the same night.  We talked to Vanessa Schneider, PR Manager for Eventbrite, about how it all came together and what to expect in the future.  A very cool interview from a different aspect of the industry.

We reviewed Concert Confidential in Los Angeles with Wavves this week.  Let’s just say it was an awesome time!  Eventbrite was able to get amazing local artists across the country, and the best part was that they were very successful in raising money for the charities- even though the events were completely free for fans.  If you ask us, that’s success right there.  Our interview with Vanessa is below, and it sheds some light on how this awesome concert series came to be.


RB: Where did the idea for “Concert Confidential” come from?

Vanessa: There are a few pieces to Concert Confidential: By staging 5 amazing concerts with some truly incredible bands, we’re able to showcase our deep relationship with the music industry, while highlighting how well-suited Eventbrite is for music and performance events. By making the shows free, we’re able to encourage folks to donate to the charities we’ve hand-picked to be the beneficiaries of each show. 100% of the money we collect will be going straight to the charities. And because we’ll be using our slick new iPad app Eventbrite At The Door to collect the donations, we’ll have the chance to show off our new product.

RB: What was the reason behind keeping the details about the event secret and leaking them one at a time?

Vanessa: We initially kept the concert details secret in order to slowly release information as a way of building buzz. By letting folks in on a secret, we’re letting them in on something special, and reinforcing that they are part of a community that Eventbrite is building around live events.

RB: How did you choose Wavves as the artist for the LA show, and how did you choose Fender Music Foundation at the charity?

Vanessa: We love the fact that Wavves is a local band. A big goal for Concert Confidential is underlining our focus on local communities. And the Fender Music Foundation seemed like a perfect choice, given their focus on music education.

RB: And how about Jackie Greene for the SF show and the charity FOGG (Friends of the Golden Gate)?

Vanessa: Our San Francisco Event Evangelist, Brianna Haag, selected the charity. Each Evangelist in each city got to team up with a charity of their choosing. And we were excited to bring Jackie Greene on board, not only because of his huge fanbase, but because he’s from the Bay Area.

RB: Should we expect more events like “Concert Confidential” or will this be a one time thing?

Vanessa: Hosting Concert Confidential has been a blast, but the music industry isn’t the only place we play. Eventbrite is helping event organizers of every stripe–from yoga classes to tech conferences to marathons. We’re always thinking of ways to connect with people who create and attend events, but you’ll have to stay tuned to Eventbrite to see what’s next.

RB: How did Concert Confidential end up doing?

Vanessa: The shows went extremely well, and Concert Confidential raised over $10k for our charity partners!

RB: Thanks for your time Vanessa, and congrats on the successful event!

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