Tomorrow is Friday, and for fans of Elder, it’s a big one at that.  The stoner and psych rock three piece will release their third effort, Lore, on Friday and it’s everything you would want from the heavy and epic work that Nick DiSalvo, Jack Donovan, and Matt Couto have created.  Lore clocks in at over 58 minutes long with only 5 tracks on the record.  Ya, the boys are back at in again with the type of tracks that they have become known for.  It’s amazing how long you can get lost in the world of Lore, only to look back and realize that less than an hour has gone by.  Check out the track “Legend” below to get a sense of the progressive style that Elder has brought to the album, along with some absolutely ridiculous shred work.

Lore is available tomorrow at your favorite online retailer and you can order the LP on vinyl from the Armageddon Record Shop.  Elder will be touring in support of the new album starting in March, of course with a stop at Psycho California in May.  If you didn’t know already, Psycho California presented by Thief is almost sold out.  If you want to check out Elder with 50 other bands from around the world such as Sleep, Cult of Luna, Pentagram, Bedemon, Cave-In, and Anciients to name a few, I would get your 3 day pass as soon as possible.  We’ll have some more exciting and exclusive announcements regarding Elder before Psycho CA kicks off.  Stay tuned…

Tickets: Psycho California, May 15-17 in Orange County

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