It’s new band Monday here (I just made this up actually), and today we have LA based alt-rockers Standing Shadows.  Recently the band took a trip out to the desert in Joshua Tree and surrounded themselves within the magic of Rancho de la Luna- the studio where Queens of the Stone Age has recorded a few of their amazing records.  Working with producer Chris Goss, Standing Shadows recorded 3 new songs.  You can download one of those songs, “Freakshow”, right here, right now.

Standing Shadows is developing a sound that vibrates with the synth and electro rock sounds of bands before them.  Mix the sounds of San Francisco’s Every Move A Picture with early Shiny Toy Guns, and you start to get a sense of where they are going.  These waters should be traversed carefully though, as the marquee names in this genre tend to become mockeries of themselves quite quickly.  It’s usually the small bands in this genre that do it right, and working with Chris Goss is a huge step in the right direction.  We’re hoping Standing Shadows can turn this music into a wildly entertaining live show.  Standing Shadows will be touring in Los Angeles and San Francisco soon, so we’ll have more for you on them as the shows get closer.  Download “Freakshow” below to get your first taste.


Standing Shadows – Freakshow


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