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The London based rock band The Duke Spirit have been at it for over a decade now.  Their latest release, 2011’s Bruiser failed to launch the band into stardom in both the UK and the States.  The Duke Spirit is currently on hiatus following their 2012 US tour, but frontwoman Liela Moss and do-it-all guitarist Toby Butler have been keeping busy.  Today we finally got to hear what the two have been working on.  The new project, Roman Remains, will release their debut EP Energy You on November 5th.  A full length album is slated for release in 2014, but you can hear the first single from the duo now.

“This Stone is Starting To Bleed” is a dark mix of electro glitches and vibrating bass accompanied by a floating vocal track from Moss that takes you deep into their sound.  With a chorus that dances around its muffled bass, it’s an eerily excellent track and debut single.

It’s hard to tell where Roman Remains goes from here.  The single is clearly marked by Liela Moss’ vocal style, but the duo can build on this to really take the sound anywhere they want.  We wouldn’t be surprised to find a instrumental or two on the full length- there’s a texture in “This Stone is Starting To Bleed” that hints at those type of explorations.


“The whole process is all in a bit of a vacuum of fun-floating in beats, glitches and bass tones, which to me are fresh territories to roll around in,” says Moss. “The good and the bad, and the yes or no duality of previous writing has been chucked out of the window and we’re just writing in the moment and letting the kinetic energy bounce off the walls and spin us in different directions.”

We’ll have more on Romain Remains and the four song EP Energy You later this month.  We’re putting ears to it in a few weeks and we’ll put words out right after that.  For now, download the debut single and enjoy.

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