Jane’s Addiction’s latest album, The Great Escape Artist, is now available FOR FREE.  Our winner for Best Album of 2011 can be yours thanks to a new partnership with Dobel Tequila and the iconic Perry Farrell.  It’s pretty easy to get this amazing album in your hands- just head over to the Dobel Facebook page and do some friendly liking.   Free album- awesome!  But we were just as stoked to see a behind the scenes video of Jane’s Addiction performing in Los Angeles and San Francisco as part of their final shows of the Theatre of The Escapist tour in October.  Check that out after the jump, and find out why Perry and Dobel are getting together.

Dobel Tequila and Perry Farrell?  We get partnerships like this sent to us from time to time, and we usually hit delete pretty fast.  But this one… it feels genuine enough that we wanted to go for it.  Is it that far out of the realm of possibility that Perry Farrel loves drinking Dobel Tequila:

“When you’re going to tell your friends about a product, you gotta have belief in it” said Perry Farrell. “I like drinking Maestro Dobel – It gets me set for creative designery. I savor it at the start and end of every show.”

OK, you can obviously see Perry saying this with a smile on his face for the camera, but we’ve also seen him drinking from this bottle (and a few others) before.  So ya, we’ll go with it!  And the bottle looks cool too, in that Jane’s Addiction Southwestern-Mexican style that we see so often in their artwork and media.  Check out the video below, and make sure to download the album for FREE.  We’ll make this one simple for you- this partnership is bringing Perry Farrell and Jane’s Addiction fans a bunch of awesome tunes to listen to and cool stuff to see, and that’s something we can get behind.

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