Show Alert: Dax Riggs @ The Echo 6/10 & 11

You have probably heard us talk about Dax Riggs on these pages- the once frontman of the Louisiana metal band Acid Bath (also worth checking out for you heavier metal heads).  Well Dax Riggs is solo now, and we at Rabbits Black think he’s that much better for it.  Dax has really let his creative styles flow on his first two solo albums under the Dax Riggs moniker.  If you ask around these parts, Say Goodnight To The World was one of the three best singles of 2010.  While Dax’s music might be common to us, not a lot of people know who this guy is yet.  Maybe it’s because he’s essentially a small town artist in a world of mega-pop stars with a guitar, or maybe it’s just because his sound hasn’t caught on yet, or that Dax himself hasn’t really figured out the social media avenues to connect to fans.  Whatever the reason may be, it doesn’t take away from the fact the man makes amazing music and displays some of the most haunting vocals you have heard on record in a long time.  Dax doesn’t travel much to the westcoast, so we were surprised/stoked/out of our mind excited when we got word of two dates at the infamous Echo in Silverlake.  Tickets are on sale now for Dax Riggs at the Echo in June, and its a show you shouldn’t miss.  It’s only April, but I am already declaring this show “the show of the month” in June.  Check it out, and support a great musician!  You can watch Dax do his thing on YouTube in this live rendition of Say Goodnight To The World.

Dax Riggs

The Echo (above the Echoplex and much smaller than the aforementioned club)

June 10th and 11th

Tickets available here: Dax Riggs at The Echo

Dax Riggs plays The Echo for two nights in June

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