Black Box Revelation plays in San Francisco and Los Angeles this month with The Sheepdogs in what is shaping up to be our Show of the Month.  We can’t possibly recommend this show to you anymore than we already have, and we really really want to make sure you don’t miss this one.  So we are giving away a pair of tickets to both the San Francisco show and the LA show.  BBR descends on The Independent on 10/15 and The Troubadour on 10/17.  Your friends at Rabbits Black will get you in!

Now, we can’t get everyone in… but that’s OK because tickets are nice and affordable.  You can purchase tickets from the links in our show preview here.  BBR is opening on this tour, so make sure you get there early to see the Belgian duo who are keeping garage rock n’ roll alive and well.

Here’s the rules to play by: There are four different ways to enter.  You DO NOT have to enter through each entry point.  Using more than one entry point can increase your chances of winning though.  The contest ends Sunday, October 7th at 11 PM.  Winners will be announced the following day.  It’s easy to enter, and you can enter as many times as you like through any of these entry points:

Entry Point 1: Leave a comment on this post.

Entry Point 2: Leave a comment on our Facebook page mentioning this contest.

Entry Point 3: Hop on Twitter and send us a tweet.  Make sure you include @RabbitsBlack and @BBROfficial in the tweet.

Entry Point 4: Email us at  Make sure to put “BBR tickets” in the subject line.

Get to it and get in!

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  1. Anthony Araiza

    Have not been to a show or Troubadour in quite awhile. This would be a great opportunity to remedy that!

  2. Sergio Somma

    Black Box Revelation!!!!!!

  3. Mike Attinello

    I’m new to La and this would be a sick who to go to!!! BBR!


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