Contest: Win a free signed CD of SONOIO Red

Today marks the release of SONOIO Red– the new album from Alessandro Cortini.  We’ve been waiting for the full release ever since we got our hands on the 4 song teaser.  To celebrate the release of Red, we are giving away a free copy of the CD version, signed by Alessandro!

We’ll have a full review of Red later this week, but for now we are just stoked to get to hear the whole thing.  So how do you win this signed CD?  Simple… share the link to the SONOIO “Enough” video post on Rabbits Black, and leave a comment here.  We’ll track who does both, and if you do, you are entered to win!  Contest ends tomorrow at midnight!  There are a lot of great packages for Red available online, check em out on

Steps to enter:

1) Go to this page: First Music Video From SONOIO Red

2) Use the social media buttons above the search bar on the right, or the ones at the bottom of the post to share the video.

3) Leave a comment on this post.

4) That’s it!

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  1. Marco

    I shared! I love Sonoio.

  2. Randy

    I shared this, mostly to get my friends to do it, since I already have my signed copy on the way. Still, if I win, one of my friends will get an awesome gift 🙂

  3. Todd

    ^Randy^ introduced me to Sonoio via facebook a few days ago, and I’m already a fan. Alessandro Cortini has an awesome sound and I look forward to hearing more.

  4. Marco

    Fingers crossed, I enjoyed Blue version and this is great too. The video of Enough is awesome. I follow Alessandro since NIN collaboration.

  5. Ronnie

    Congratulations Randy! You are the winner of our contest. We know you already have a copy, so make sure to give this one to someone you love or really want to impress! E-mail your mailing address to


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