Coachella Primer: Part 11 (of 12) – Kasabian

Welcome to part 11 of our Coachella primer series. We’ve been saving some of the best for last with this week’s choice – Kasabian! Yes, that same Kasabian that RB awarded the “Most Disappointing Album” of 2011 in our latest yearly roundup. But lest we give the wrong impression, Velociraptor was only disapponting because West Ryder Lunatic Asylum was one of our top albums of 2009 and Kasabian has set such a high bar for themselves. They are a really damn good band and are sure to be one of the highlights of Coachella…especially for those that take the time to leave the Sahara Tent for a few moments in search of a friendly guitar!

Kasabian is an English rock band formed in 1997 that has been hugely successful in their home country, releasing 4 albums, the 3rd of which West Ryder Luantic Asylum reached #1 on the UK Album charts. The band is comprised of Tom Meighan – lead vocals; Sergio Pizzorno – guitar, backing vocals, keyboards & electronic programming, Chris Edwards – bass; Ian Matthews – drums; and Jay Mehler – guitar.

They have only made a small splash in the U.S. thus far but they have released some very popular songs that have been featured prominently in movies and video games such as “Reason Is Treason” in Gran Turismo 4 and Shaun White Snowboarding and “L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)”  in the game FIFA 2004. Check out some of their music below, you may be surprised how much you recognize!



Kasabian – “Ladies and Gentlmen …Roll the Dice”


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