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Ever end up with an off evening during your busy schedule and just wish you had a local show to catch and reconnect with the music scene? Well, wish no longer., headquartered in San Francisco, California has been offering the PHATTEST, most accurate, and wide-ranging online database of live show listings since 1998.

From Berkeley’s tiny little Starry Plough pub venue to San Francisco’s Bill Graham’s Civic Center and every type of venue in between, posts detailed, up-to-date information regarding ALL live music performances in YOUR area.  Just hit the search tab and enter any of a number of parameters that helps sort through the multitude of live shows going on during any given time frame. You can search by artist, by date range, by city, by venue, and just about any other variable to consider. The best part, become a member of and personally follow your favorite bands and receive email alerts about up and coming shows in your area! This way, the information finds you! Pretty awesome if you ask me— just another live music fanatic. Check out today!

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