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Electric Flower talks to Rabbits (An Interview)

Three songs.  That’s all it took.  For Electric Flower, it was a three song EP that introduced their sound to the world.  Three songs that came together in the span of a few days, from two men who’s collaboration was the result of two incredibly chance meetings on different sides of the world.  It feels like the three songs on their debut EP were meant to be.  Songs created by the cosmos or some greater being that put Imaad Wasif and Josh Garza together.  The stripped down work of one guitarist and one drummer- the melodies and sounds of a band three times as big.  We sat down with Electric Flower to find out how it all came together, and to get a sense of where it was all going.  Read their first interview as Electric Flower- an unveiling of things to come. (more…)

An Introduction to Emotion Brown: Questions, Answers, and…of course…Music

RB first met Emotion Brown as the soulful backup singer for Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, but there is much more to this multi-talented artist. She is a published author, poet, novelist, playwright, and a musician worth keeping an eye on.  Emotion herself gives us a little insight into her music and poetry as well as a stream of some of her music after the jump. Check it out. (more…)

alessandro cortini interview sonoio

SONOIO talks to Rabbits (An Interview)

Alessandro Cortini is a busy man.  In the span of 12 months he released his first solo project as SONOIO, followed it up with a full remix album, and this past summer released his second full release!  In case he hadn’t done enough, he decided to go on tour for the first time as SONOIO with Ladytron this fall.  Alessandro took some time out for us while on the road to answer a few questions about why he felt the time was right to tour, and what to expect from the live experience. (more…)

The Shants talk to Rabbits (An Interview) & Show Alert @ Viracocha SF 10/8

Sometimes it is just good to get away; away from the city, away from work, away from the hustle and bustle lifestyle, in order to discover things about the world, and yourself, that sometimes just get buried in distractions and stimulation. What better way to assist this journey of isolation and self unearthing than an old style, country blues with a modern rock twist? Well, one not need to tread too far outside of their Bay Area mecca to find such a entity. Skip Allums, Sam Tokheim, Carver Cordes, and Adam Burstein are The Shants, a band of such talents out of Oakland that embodies that discovery in their folksy musical style and Rabbitsblack got a chance to talk with them about their latest creation and upcoming release ceremony at the Viracocha SF for the new album, Beautiful Was the Night. Find out what they had to say after the transport…


Eventbrite talks to Rabbits (An Interview)

Throwing a charity benefit show is not an easy thing to do.  You have to work with artists, their management teams, the specific charities, and the venues.  After working with all of these entities, you finally have the task of getting fans and hopeful charitable contributors to the show.  This past weekend, Eventbrite was able to put it all together for a series of 5 concerts in 5 different cities on the same night.  We talked to Vanessa Schneider, PR Manager for Eventbrite, about how it all came together and what to expect in the future.  A very cool interview from a different aspect of the industry. (more…)