What happens when Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes creates an album that he describes as George Clinton raped by Gary Numan using Little Richard as a dick?  Well, you dance, that’s what you do!  Boots Electric is coming, and he’s coming fast!  Check out the trailer for the upcoming album Honkey Kong.  It’s a fun thing to do on a Friday!I have no doubt this album is going to be a good time all bottled up inside.  It’s Boots Electric jamming and dancing.  It cant’ go wrong!  Vote for Honkey Kong in our side poll if you are as excited for this album as we are.  The album released on August 23rd, so we don’t have to wait too much longer.  Hop on over to Boots Electric Theme where you can download the lead single from the album.  Alright boys and girls, get to it!  Show alert coming on Monday…

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  1. Show Alert: Boots Electric @ The Exchange 8/18

    […] The world has been waiting for Boots Electric for awhile now, but we won’t have to wait too much longer.  With only a handful of shows planned, being at the first live performance ever for Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes is a must-see must-do for next week.  Get your tickets here: Boots Electric @ The Exchange.  For more Boots Electric launch coverage, check out the first single “Boots Electric Theme” and the video trailer for the album Honkey Kong. […]

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    […]Boots Electric just “can’t wait to release this album on you”- so here’s the trailer![…]…


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