Is the desire to hear new Black Keys music consuming your brain as if it were on fire? RabbitsBlack brings you sweet sweet relief: Lonely Boy, the first single from El Camino. Watch it NOW!! After the break, that is.

December 6 is a long time to wait for the new album from the Black Keys. In anticipation of that painfully distant date, we offer up Lonely Boy, which premiered yesterday. Fast-paced to the point of frenzy, the track explodes with sound and super sweet dance moves.


Lonely Boy by the Black Keys

With more tracks like this to look forward to, the Black Keys can keep us waiting.

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    […] Right Back” Posted by Tiffany on November 14th, 2011 A few weeks ago, Rabbits Black brought you “Lonely Boy”, the newest single from The Black Keys, off their highly-anticipated […]


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