New York based disco-house group, The Juan Maclean is back from Venus with their new album, Everybody Get Close! It’s been a couple years since we’ve heard anything from these masters of dance music besides their 2010 DJ-Kicks album and since the passing of their drummer, Jerry Fuchs, but this new album is guaranteed to knock you right out of your disco-shoes. The album is mostly comprised of un-released, un-digitized, and remixed tracks that are just great, typical Juan Maclean weirdness. Also, a James Vice version of “Human Disaster,” Cut Copy remix of “Happy House,” and a Jee Day remix of “Human Disaster,” are all featured on the album and are amazing.

I for one love this album. Juan’s musicality is just superb as usual, Nancy Whang’s voice forces you to reminisce on the sounds of the late great LCD Soundsystem, and Nicholas Millhiser of Holy Ghost! makes a big impact on the production as well. So go out and get this damn album! It’s out now on DFA Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Find a Way
  2. Let’s Talk About Me
  3. Human Disaster (Holmes Price Version)
  4. Deviant Device
  5. When I Am With You
  6. Feel So Good
  7. Happy House (Cut Copy Remix)
  8. X2
  9. The Robot
  10. Human Disaster (Jee Day Remix)
  11. Everybody Get Close

  ~ If you like everything about DFA Records then this album is for your. It has everything you want in a dance album and then some!






The Juan Maclean – Everybody Get Close by DFA Records











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