Album Preview: Bassnectar’s Vava Voom drops on 4/10

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As the EDM scene continues it’s ground-shaking rise to genre prominence, Bassnectar remains the sweet syrupy ooze flowing from the fountain of the DUBSTEP daisy blossom. The beat rolls on with 11 amorphously fresh tracks allotted to the 9th full length album release from one of EDM’s crown jewels. Vava Voom officially hits the streams and streets on 4/10! Read on for more HYPE and an audio-glimpse of the new album guaranteed to shatter the limits of any restrictive preconception. Prepare for transportation!

I’m absolutely positive that Mr. Ashton’s insanely malleable, imaginative, and unbounded style has elements of freakishly addicting appeal to just about anybody with a pinch of a frontal lobe intact…which is hopefully all of you…depending on the kind of shit you drop at these shows. Can’t say I condone any of that behavior, but hey, some people HAVE to party.

Of course, as is the case with any self respecting album release, tickets are already sold out for HUGE shows along the spring and neo-summer legs of the tour. Rumor has it that they added ANOTHER show for the stop at Colorado’s absolutely legendary Redrock’s Amphitheater. So, if all you Bassheads out there were too busy celebrating the album release and forgot to get one of the 10,000 or so tickets that sold out in a matter of minutes, karma may be on your side. You knew there was a reason why you shared all those precious psychedelics with strangers. Ta-da. Get a load of the full rolodex of announced tour dates from the official Bassnectar website.

Enough of that nonsense, let’s talk Vava Voom. From what I have heard, it pretty is what it sounds like, which keeps getting harder and harder to descriptively corral. The collaborations are all over the sound board with acts featuring Pennywise, ill. Gates, and Lupe Fiasco. Check out the video preview sampler yourself:

The new single “Ugly” featuring Amp Live is already streaming around the web. Better still, the album’s title track “Vava Voom” featuring Lupe Fiasco is also available for a go here.

Finally, for those that are interested in big time artists’ that are involved with cultural enlightenment, Bassnectar offers much more than just incomprehensible head banging soundscapes. His AmBASSador’s program and other charitable contributions have put Mr. Ashton in an enriched category of artistic cultural contributors. We salute these efforts and will continue to support true role models who bear in mind the importance and responsibilities that come along with owning the stage.

Vava Voom is sure to bend the physics of the genre index.

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