A Perfect Circle are on tour right now playing a mixture of songs from their three albums.  Fans in Portland last night got a special little treat though- a brand new song.  The band performed a track which is believed to be titled “By And Down”.  Is this the single from an upcoming album, or a stand alone new song?  We’ll have to wait and see, but for now enjoy a fan video of the song being performed live last night for the first time ever.

The song is one of those dreamy and psyche capturing APC songs.  It’s something that would fit perfectly on the end of Thirteenth Step.  Guitarist Billy Howerdel has been hinting in the press that a new song was in the works, but any aspirations for a full album have not been disclosed yet.  It’s been seven years since their last album Emotive so any new material is a good sign.

A Perfect Circle brings together accomplished musicians from many different bands.  Josh Freese is actually missing from this tour because of other commitments with Weezer and Devo.  So with a band full of so many talented musicians, you can only hope they get the time to focus long enough together to get a whole album done.  Even if a new album doesn’t materialize (I think it will), having A Perfect Circle touring is exciting enough.  Make sure to not miss them when they stop by LA on July 28th and Berkeley on July 30th.



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  1. Brian Lovie

    This is utterly bizarre! I googled “by and down debut, portland” and low and behold, your video appears. I’m the guy to the right, just ahead of the camera operater. My girlfriend is to my right, swaying back and forth to what was our favorite band. Sadly, she passed away 7 1/2 months later and it’s amazing to see her having the time of her life, enjoying this moment. Thanks for posting it….


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