A look back at Rabbits Black & Thief Presents Sleepy Sun & Wax Children at Think Tank Gallery 3/28

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How to describe Sleepy Sun and Wax Children at Think Tank Gallery on March 28th?  I think everyone in attendance would agree that it was fucking rad!  It was another DIY warehouse style show for Thief Presents and its obvious they are getting pretty damn good at this thing.  The vibe and atmosphere for these two killer bands was perfect.  Think Tank offers a great space to experience music and Thief Presents decks it out the way it should be done.

In terms of music, we couldn’t have asked for a better opening set from Wax Children.  With the room already packed due to the large turnout at the door, Wax Children played to a full house who loved everything they did on stage.  The guys in the band are awesome dudes, and they were stoked to play to a crowd digging the tunes.  While we were over at the merch side of the venue, we couldn’t believe how many people came up after their set to ask for a copy of the EP, a t-shirt, a sticker… anything with their name and music on it!  If you didn’t get a chance to grab an EP, don’t worry, you can download their new album Angst over on their website.  It’s a great listen, but you know that already!


That brings us to Sleepy Sun, the headliner for the night and the reason why a ton of you came to party with us on Friday.  We’ve always had a soft spot for the San Francisco based psych-rockers, but Friday definitely solidified our fondness for their musical journey.  Easily flowing between the cosmos with huge hooks and giant riffs, Sleepy Sun is a band that can bring people in to appreciate their music from various genres.  Their music is a bridge between the fuzzy lo-fi stoner bands and the bands that find themselves considered purely rock by their clean vocals and accessible sound.  Live, Sleepy Sun are a powerful force that get fans clapping and moving just a few songs into their set.  It took only a few minutes before the band had people clamoring forward towards the stage to get in on the excitement.  We were amazed to find out that a lot of you haven’t heard the new album Maui Tears.  We love Fever just as much as everybody else, but we think Maui Tears is worthy of standing up with Fever as well.  Grab it on the band’s website now.

All of this was to get the party started for Psycho De Mayo coming up on May 11th at The Observatory.  We got a full lineup for you that includes absolute legends in Saint Vitus and Pentagram, along with some of our favorites in Dead Meadow and A Place To Bury Strangers.  Take a look at the lineup and you’ll see that we are not messing around this year.  Thief Presents is bringing the goods for Psycho De Mayo 2014.  There are still a few spots left on the Psycho School Bus- your round trip ride to Psycho De Mayo with Dead Meadow.  Grab those while you can here, it’s our first time doing this and we a promising some surprises aboard that you won’t want to miss out on.

Tickets: Psycho School Bus to Psycho De Mayo 2014

Stay tuned to the pages at Rabbits Black for more from Wax Children and Sleepy Sun.  We’ll be doing more shows and cool events with them soon!  Keep scrolling for some official photos from the night of Sleepy Sun.  Photos by Ian McFarland.



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