There are way too many highlights on the Groove Cruise to list them all on the pages of Rabbits Black.  Some you just have to experience for yourself, and others we tried to do justice for in our Ten Things to Expect on the Groove Cruise feature piece.  Check those out for yourself, and pay particular attention to #3 “You’ll be dressed in theme… a lot”.  Surely you’ve been to theme parties throughout your life, but no one does them quite like the Groove Cruise and it’s attendees (better known as “captains”).  The announcement of the themes for Groove Cruise is second only to the announcement of the lineup, and even then I’m sure you’ll find some long time captains who would argue that the themes are just as important.   Here are your Groove Cruise LA X themes…


Represent is the only returning theme from Groove Cruise LA 2013.  This opening party is meant for you to show off where you are from.  Represent whatever you want- your sports team, city, favorite music community, etc.  We’ll be in Rabbits Black gear and won’t be hard to miss.  The first night party will be a space theme with Out Of This World.  We are excited to see what headlining DJ will be taking the decks for this one.  A space theme has all the makings of something special.  Expect some great theatrics and high production.

The Groove Cruise sets sail on October 2nd.  Don’t miss out on the world’s longest running and largest dance music cruise in the world.  Book your cabin using the code rabbitsblack to get a discounted rate for you and your friends.

Cabin Reservations: Groove Cruise LA X

Friday from the moment you wake up to the moment you don’t go to sleep and realize it’s Saturday, it’s all theme all the time.  In Catalina you’ll be in Luau attire for the beach party at Descanso Beach Club.  After that it’s back to the boat for a night party in all white.  White parties are nothing new in the dance music world, but you can be sure that Whet Travel’s Whet Dreams White Party is going to be unlike any white party you’ve ever seen.  The after-hours Pajama Party is a new addition this year- there were no themes for after-hours last year.  We like this idea because no one is sleeping on the second night of Groove Cruise anyways, might as well keep it going!  The daytime theme party in Ensenada, Mexico is out this year.  Instead the build up on the final day is for the closing party on Saturday night.  Cartoons Gone Wild will close out Groove Cruise LA X.  We’re not sure you even need an excuse to go wild on the Groove Cruise, but this one should call for some pretty creative costumes.

Now that themes have been announced, we are getting closer and closer to the announcement of the lineup.  With cabins already above 80% in capacity, there’s going to be a mad rush for the remaining cabins after the world knows what artists will be gracing the multiple stages and venues of Groove Cruise LA X.  We suggest you don’t take your chances and get your cabins immediately.  Use the code rabbitsblack to save some cash on your cabin and put that towards some amazing costumes for this year’s theme parties.  Click here to book your cabin.

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