A Few Words with 1000 Names

1000 Names

(Guest Interview by Stanislava)

Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes, together known as 1000 Names, are both DJs from Sofia, Bulgaria. Each began their respective music careers by making hip-hop beats and grew in impressive fashion through the years, and are gaining notoriety across the pond for their heavy use of sampling and ability to craft masterful tunes by recycling a wide variety of different musical genres.

Rabbits Black: Can you guys tell me something more about when and why you decided to blend genres – what was the catalyst?

1000 Names: Our love for hip-hop has always been strong. In 2006 we started making music together, which we decided was the natural direction to take. We were very keen on the so-called “wonky” beats, but with time we saturated from so many swing and diffraction in the beat, and because we worked constantly anyway, we were diversifying with various other directions. The change occurred little by little and we don’t even remember at what point our sound has changed to the one that is now. Sure, we’re constantly discussing and monitoring the process, but we have always relied on [the notion of] ‘where will our intuition lead us to?’

Rabbits Black: Where in Europe have you played, and do you have a favorite venue?

1000 Names: Most often we traveled to France where our first label “Eklektik Records” is – to whom we are very thankful for supporting us over all these years. We have a lot of friends there and the shows were always accompanied with parties and crazy stories, but it is also very pleasant to find yourself in a place with new interesting people, so it’s hard to tell where he had fun the most.


Rabbits Black: What’s next to come in your career?

1000 Names: We have a new album called “Migration Pads” which is due to come out on October 27th. It actually started getting very good reviews from people who have received it as a promo or for review. Of course we can’t wait to see how it will be accepted by everyone else. It is also different from what we have done until now, so we’re sure they will be surprised, hopefully pleasantly. Other than that we are currently preparing our new live set in which we’re including a lot of the things that is new for us and makes us happy.

You can stream “The Caravan (from DRUT006)” off their new album below:


Thanks to 1000 Names for taking the time to speak with us!  And please welcome Stanislava, one of our brand new interns!

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