Re:Generation – Five DJs Turn the Tables on the History of Music

With Skrillex taking home three Grammys this past weekend — and Rabbits Black’s recent feature on Markus Shulz — it’s no wonder the world of electronic music is in the spotlight this week. To piggyback on the beat wave, Art Takes Over, in association with The Grammys, teamed up with RSA Films, GreenLight Media, The Recording Academy, and Hyundai to create Re:Generation. Find out what Re:Generation is and how you can catch the next big thing in music documentary.

Remember how Exit Through the Gift Shop offered a great view into an artistic world as it was budding into mainstream media? Re:Generation is going to do that for electronic music. Re:Generation follows five world-renowned DJs, Skrillex, DJ Premier, The Crystal Method, Pretty Lights, and Mark Ronson, as they explore the history of music and push the industry toward the next frontier. Film producers paired the DJs with five traditional styles of music, and the biggest names in those genres. The challenge? Discover how music history influences the future, and watch as the old and new establish a the next thing in music.

Watch as Skrillex takes on rock and The Doors; DJ Premier combines classical music with Nas; The Crystal Method work Martha Reeves and the Funk Brothers for an electronic R&B spin; Pretty Lights mixes country with Dr. Ralph Stanley and LeAnn Rimes; and Mark Ronson explore jazz with Mos Def, Erykah Badu, and others in New Orleans.

Even if heavy dub or electronic music is not your thing, the film is a great peak into the modern world of music production. The trailer offers a great sample of what the film will offer, but the only way to really experience end product of these great collaborations is to check out the movie yourself.

The film runs on a limited engagement in theaters, screening only on Thursday, February 16th and 23rd. Check out Re:Generation‘s website for ticket and location information. The website offers a free download of the film’s official soundtrack, but even if you have a phenomenal surround system at home, there will be nothing quite like catching this in digital projection with digital sound. When this documentary explodes on the award scene next year, you can brag to your friends about how you saw Re:Generation on its first tour of theaters, before all the hype.

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