10 Questions with KADAVAR (An Interview)


When KADAVAR unveiled the poster for 2014’s 2nd Annual Psycho de Mayo music festival on their Facebook page they had one perfect response: “Big Lineup!” We couldn’t agree more, and a lot of that has to do with this rock trio from Berlin, Germany. “Lupus”, “Tiger” and “Dragon” supply killer guitar riffs to match their killer names and were kind enough to sit down with Rabbits Black in our latest round of 10 Questions.

10 Questions with KADAVAR

1.       Many writers have said 2012’s eponymous debut album “Kadavar” brought 70’s riff-driven classic rock to the 21st century. What did you try and accomplish with your second album “Abra Kadavar”? Is there anything you tried to do differently on the second album?

Check out KADAVAR at the 2nd Annual Psycho De Mayo music festival in Orange County on May 11

We tried to capture a sound that would reflect the live atmosphere. The whole thing is recorded live in one room. We even used less technique and less tracks compared to the first record. I think we achieved a maybe less “vintage” tone like that, but its way more organic.

2.       KADAVAR’s sound has been compared often to Black Sabbath and Pentagram. Is that a fair comparison?

Comparisons are a very personal thing. but you’re right, these are two of the bands we get compared to quite often. As I love both of them, there could be worse things. Yet, I think that there is a lot more rock and psychedelic elements in our music that this comparison will not cover.

3.       What bands if any do you like to compare yourselves to, if any?

Whenever I get asked this question, I wonder why nobody or just a few people sees a hint of grand funk or mc5 in our music, as they are as important to us as Black Sabbath or Pentagram or Hawkwind are.

4.       You are originally from Berlin, Germany. What is the hard rock scene like in Berlin?

In berlin, you have a bit of everything and all is mixed up and next to each other. So at least from my point of view, I can’t even tell you much about that as I don’t have the feeling I am walking around in a hard rock scene.

5.       How did growing up in Germany influence your music?

Definitely, there are many people into hard and heavy music in Berlin and Germany in general which makes it one of the best countries to play shows for us. People are really living it there.

Check out KADAVAR’s “Black Sun” Video

6.       KADAVAR has an absurd tour schedule coming up with 30 shows in 38 days starting April 4 – Around the U.S. in the 38 days. What are your favorite things about being on the road this much?

The more the better! We love the live experience, that’s why we play in a band. Especially in the States it’s great to play. To meet people every night as they are very open minded and into music. And we also just love to travel. Eight days off is kind of a lot for us though. If we didn’t have to travel that far over here, we’d totally play every single night.

7.       You recently played four shows at SXSW in Austin, TX. Do you enjoy the festival style “showcase” shows that are pretty unique at SXSW? Or do you prefer the big stages at traditional festivals?

It’s rather stressful to rush from here to there, set up quickly, play a 30-minute-set and go bring the stuff somewhere else all the time, but I still enjoy it. The amount of bands you can see is enormous. But I think one festival like this is enough!  I prefer to take my time and prepare for the show.

8.       What does KADAVAR have planned after this whirlwind U.S. Tour? What’s next? You released an album in both 2012 and 2013, is there a third album coming our way in 2014?

After SXSW, we’ll stay in Austin and write songs for the next record. Then after the tour we fly back to Europe and play about 25 festivals across all countries there. In fall, there will be a European tour and maybe even more shows outside of Europe, nobody knows for sure yet. But the new record won’t come out in 2014. This record will be crafted patiently until everything is in the right shape.

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9.       What is a record or album you guys are really into right now? (outside of “Abra Kadavar” of course).

The last months when I was at home, I listened a lot to my Neil Young records. Zuma, Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, the first one, Harvest and that stuff. Since we left Europe, I dig the Brothers record by The Black Keys a lot.

10.       A question everyone wants to hear answered: How did you come up with (or earn) the names “Lupus”, “Tiger” and “Dragon”?

It’s something like a totem. We chose the animals as nicknames which we thought fitted our personality best.



Check out KADAVAR’s tour schedule below and circle the nearest tour dates to you. Or come visit Orange County, CA for the second annual Psycho de Mayo festival.  

KADAVAR on tour!
KADAVAR on tour!

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